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The Law and Mediation Office of Lynette S. Kim

The Law Office of Lynette S. Kim has served clients in Los Angeles and Orange Counties since 1996, in the areas of family law, guardianships and conservatorships. Ms. Kim and her staff are dedicated to assisting clients in all aspects of family law, including paternity, child custody, issues related to support and property division, pre-marital and post-marital agreements and post-judgment modifications.

We are keenly aware of the emotional toll a divorce can take on parents and children, and we work diligently to arrive at timely and cost-effective resolutions for clients while demonstrating concern and compassion for highly emotional circumstances. Ms. Kim is a dedicated peacemaker with a genuine commitment to resolving conflict while serving as a trusted advisor to a wide range of clients.
"As a mediator and a collaborative attorney, I am committed  to resolving conflict for families that are in transition. I help husbands and wives, fathers and mothers deal with legal problems related to divorce. We handle all aspects of family law related to custody, support, finances and asset division either through mediation or working collaboratively. We can also help diffuse volatile emotions with the assistance of a divorce coach. My office is a place to resolve conflict and find solutions to your difficulties as one chapter comes to an end and a new one begins."
  1. Mine was a tough case that involved a business and a long marriage with periods of separation. It didn't take long for Lynette to suggest the best way to resolve the case. Every time I had a meeting with her I could tell that she had been thinking about my case and what was the best way to resolve the problem without engaging in drawn out litigation. Lynette was successful in negotiating a fair settlement. She was a tough negotiator. I am so glad to have met Lynette who was very compassionate towards me and highly professional. - Chris Won, Paramount, CA
  2. Choosing the "right" attorney to represent us was the hardest decision ever. My divorce was very complicated because it not only involved 2 minor children (14 and 11 years old) but I wanted to move out of state. After nearly 15 years as a stay-at-home mom, I wanted to move back home close to family and go back to school full-time in order to re-build my career. I spoke with and met with nearly a dozen different attorneys before I made my decision to go with Lynette Kim. I wanted an attorney that would truly listen to us and help make this divorce as amicable as possible. I also wanted someone who was well versed in the law and would stand his/her ground if things got rough . I'm so fortunate to have found Lynette through Yelp. Having her represent us was the best decision! Lynette was always willing to listen and give me sound advice on how we can handle each issue. She was always calm, cool, and composed....a major plus for me since there were many times when it was hard for me to stay calm. My situation was already emotionally charged and I did not want to escalate the stress in any way. Lynette was able to communicate with my husband's attorney and find compromise. She was able to convince them that it was in the best interest of the children for them to move out of state with me. All in all, I got the results that I wanted and never had to set foot in a courtroom. Everything was handled in such a short amount of time. I'm still amazed at how quickly she got results. - Linda Lee, St. Louis, MO
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  4. I have referred a number of folks in need of help to Lynette over the years, and have also been her client myself. Lynette is not only a good lawyer but is also a compassionate and understanding human being who knows well what her clients go through and what it takes to smooth out and expedite the legal process for all concerned, so that in the end the least total pain and damage are incurred. A better collaborative legal partnerwould be hard to imagine. - James Hedges, Claremont, CA
  5. I just went through the toughest time in my life in that I had to deal with my family being torn apart with a 5 year old daughter in the middle of it. I read a lot of yelp reviews and found Lynette. I needed an attorney who was highly experienced in child custody. I didn't want an aggressive attorney, as that would only get the situation more explosive. I needed a Kind Hearted Attorney who would keep me from falling into a hostile situation. Lynette was that attorney. I'm not going to write a post about how great and knowledgeable Lynette is at being a family law attorney. She has that part nailed. It is the feeling that Lynette cared more about me as a human being. She gave me all of my options and really listened to my difficult situation. She followed through, in a timely manner, on everything she said she would do. If you're looking for excellent legal services and not being over billed for it, Lynette is that attorney. I could not have found a better human being to represent me. - Philip Pettey, Los Angeles, CA